Behind the Scenes | The $15,000/Month Revenue Growth Consulting Engagement Enterprises Pay My Mentor That You Can Do Yourself

By Collin Siverts

There are over 30,000,000 businesses in the United States, so I figure there’s no risk in sharing our secrets.

If a thousand people end up copying our secret strategies, it’s not like my mentor or myself could ever be out of a job because there are still 29,999,000 other businesses we can sell our services to.

1-Minute Summary

If you don’t have time to read my full blog post, read below to get the 1-minute summary.

Every business needs to do the following:

  • Generate leads
  • Market
  • Nurture leads
  • Convert leads to opportunities
  • Convert opportunities to paying customers

Tools we use and their purpose:

  • Seamless.AI (Get an endless supply of leads)
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator (Identify list of ideal buyer personas)
  • Dripify (Automated LinkedIn outreach)
  • Ahrefs (Identify popular topics using data)
  • Surfer SEO (Determine ranking criteria)
  • Fiverr and UpWork (Outsource content creation, lead development reps, and other repetitive tasks)

The Strategy Summary

Use and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to get an endless supply of cheap leads. Import those leads into a CRM and marketing automation software. Continually create new content to nurture those leads. Use Ahrefs and Surfer SEO to use real data to identify what your ideal buyer persona cares about and create content that drives organic traffic. Outsource the creation of the content to Fiverr and UpWork. Create automations that tell an outsourced lead development rep to call or email a contact when a micro-engagement occurs. Track everything with metrics to make faster decisions. Scale-up as needed.

Why am I sharing everything?

Well, as you’ll learn in these secrets, most companies are always asking for something to generate revenue.

Instead, sometimes it’s better to give.

You can open a lot of doors by giving away your best stuff, so that’s what I intend to do.

Quick background – My Rich Neighbors

I grew up in a wealthy neighborhood, surrounded by executives of brand-name companies, lawyers, doctors, and a lot of entrepreneurs.

My best friend’s Dad was even making $10,000,000/year selling computer equipment.

As an innocent kid, I didn’t think much of my surroundings.

After all, you can’t control the circumstances you were born into, and that reality becomes the de facto “normal life.”

Here’s why this matters.

Over 20+ years of dinner parties, family vacations, and talks with my neighbors, I was able to gradually pick up little “golden nuggets” of wisdom, strategy, and tips.

One mentor, in particular, was a business coach, consultant, done-for-you marketer, and sales trainer. He charges upwards of $15,000/month for his services, and if the company wants him to be in-person, he charges a lot more.

His knowledge is so diverse that he could never hire any employees. It would take years to train someone because he was a human Swiss-Army knife.

However, since I grew up around him, I ended up interning and eventually working for him.

Every time he would sell another customer on a $15,000/month package, I was the one doing ALL the work behind the scenes… and that’s no exaggeration.

Now, he has the “gray hair,” as I like to say, and a reputation for consistently generating results for his clients. One thing you should know, the process he takes his clients on to grow their revenue is incredibly simple.

The process just takes doing.

You can take everything I’m about to share and do it on your own.

I’ve seen it generate millions of dollars for clients many times over.

To show you I’m truly giving everything away, as a promise, if you think I’m holding anything back or want clarification, just message me at the bottom of this page, and I’ll personally answer your questions.

Step-by-Step Deliverables of a $15,000/month Revenue Growth Engagement

Here’s the 100% Complete, Holding Nothing Back, Step-by-Step Deliverables of a $15,000/month revenue growth engagement that I’ve consistently seen generate $1,000,000+ in revenue for companies.

Quick Breakdown – The Setup

  • Every business needs leads
  • Every business needs to market itself
  • Every business needs to nurture leads
  • Every business needs to convert leads to opportunities
  • Every business needs to convert opportunities to paying customers

Every business needs leads

What most people do

Business owners think they need to run advertisements to get leads, spend a fortune on lists from ZoomInfo, or create a ton of content to attract leads organically.

You could do all of that, but those strategies are typically expensive and take a long time to implement.

What you should do instead

There are services like Seamless.AI and similar competitors, which will pair with LinkedIn to extract contact information.

If you sign up for LinkedIn Sales Navigator (<$100/month), LinkedIn’s paid service, you can run extremely detailed searches on people and companies (see screenshot below).

Note: You can learn more about the search criteria here.

Using Seamless.AI (<$100/month) or a similar tool, you can scrape the contacts you searched inside of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This will give you their email, phone number, and any other information they willingly provided when setting up their LinkedIn profile.

Upon purchasing Seamless.AI, you can install their browser extension, which adds a few additional buttons to the right side of LinkedIn Sales Navigator (See Image Below).

Simply search for your ideal client persona, and then click the “Find All” button to get the name, email, and phone number of every contact on that page.

You can scrape thousands of contacts per week, which, if you were to buy your leads from ZoomInfo, literally could save you over $100,000 on lead generation each year.

Basically, this software gives you an endless supply of leads, which is often a huge problem for businesses.

Seamless.AI also offers its own search functionality outside of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which is less robust in terms of search capabilities but also gets the job done.

Once you get the list of leads you like, you can export them from Seamless.AI.

If you plan on importing the leads into a CRM or Marketing Automation tool, I’d recommend running the leads through a service like, which verifies the email addresses.

If you don’t clean your lists before mass emailing leads, you risk a high bounce rate, which harms your email deliverability and can get you kicked off of your CRM or marketing automation software.

Every business needs to market itself


You’re going to have to check the boxes of professionalism in the client’s head.

If you don’t have a website, get one. If your current website sucks, get a new one.

Beyond that, you don’t need much.

LinkedIn Outreach

When marketing your business, look for the low-hanging fruit first.

One strategy we often implement is automated LinkedIn outreach.

Using tools like Dripify (<$100/month), you can automatically send messages to leads through LinkedIn.

Ever wonder how you and I connected on LinkedIn? It was through a Dripify campaign.

For less than $100/month, you can be connecting with and messaging hundreds of people weekly who fit your ideal buyer persona.

If you are worried about cluttering your LinkedIn, you can also find outsourced virtual assistance or sales reps and pay them a monthly fee to leverage their LinkedIn accounts for your marketing efforts.

This strategy is becoming more popular and therefore saturated, but I assure you that it still works.

Personalized Email & Calling

You need someone on your team to pick up the phone or send custom emails to your new leads.

For example, if you connect with someone on LinkedIn, I recommend using a tool like to set up an automated message to go to your lead development rep to call or email the person.

Another example is if you see that a lead is opening all of your emails, also create an automated message to go to your lead development rep to call or email the person.

The good news is these lead development reps can be outsourced, so there’s no need to worry about hiring a full salaried person with benefits.

Sites like and are a great source of talent for outsourced lead development reps.

However, don’t expect these folks to build a process and script for you. You need to be very precise about what they need to do and say.

It may take some trial and error to settle on someone who does an exceptional job. Be prepared to fire fast. You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings by pushing for better results.

Advice: Hire a native English speaker. You can find plenty of talent in Asia or Eastern Europe who speak English and work for a fraction of the price as a lead development rep from the United States, Canada, or Great Britain. However, their phrasing and understanding of subtle verbal cues almost always miss the target, which can leave a bad impression on your lead/opportunity.

You need to track the lead development rep’s performance. You can’t rely on what they say. You need them to report their activity in a spreadsheet or track their activity using software.

If you want to start out simple, track everything in a simple spreadsheet. Require the lead development rep to report their daily activity. By doing so, you’ll quickly be able to identify bottlenecks in your sales process that need to be modified, or you can fire them for underperforming.


Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and all the major advertising platforms make running high-converting ads seem easy.

It is easy to create a basic ad, but if you want to truly invest in a proper cost-effective ad strategy, be prepared to either make that your full-time job or outsource it.

I personally dread doing ads the right way because it takes an enormous amount of time, and the cost-per-lead can be incredibly high.

My mentor paid over $30,000 in courses on digital advertisement, and we ran ads “the right way” for a while. Instead of going into a lot of detail about proper ad strategy, I’ll give you a brief overview.

The best advertisers in the world admit they don’t know if an ad will perform well or not. Instead, they rapidly test ads. Then turn off ads that aren’t performing, and replace those bad ads with new versions.

You are split constantly testing, which is a monotonous never-ending cycle. It’s a race against the clock to create new ads and delete the underperformers. Even if you find a great ad, fatigue sets in, and eventually, the ad needs to be replaced.

My Point: Don’t run ads unless you hire someone to do it for you.

If you hire someone, press them on how often they split test. If they aren’t split testing, they aren’t good at running ads.

Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is something of value (an article, checklist, interview, etc.) that is gated behind a lead capture form (typically email collection).

Lead magnets are an excellent way to capture the contact information of your website’s visitors.

However, you’ll want to make sure you actually have web traffic or a social following before creating lead magnets.

Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time/money on producing a lead magnet, which is typically much more expensive than producing a blog post.

Other marketing strategies

There’s an infinite number of marketing strategies.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Research what your competitors are doing, and copy what works.

Also, look for cost-effective strategies, like being a guest on a podcast, speaking at an event, or forming a partnership with a company that frequently deals with your ideal buyer persona.

Every business needs to nurture leads

Nurturing leads can require a lot of heavy lifting.

It’s sometimes difficult to track the value of nurturing your leads, but I assure you it works.

My mentor frequently produces exceptional blog content for his clients. This content is then sent to all leads and opportunities so that my mentor’s offer stays top of mind.

When the time comes for a lead to buy, if you constantly are serving up great content and nurturing leads, you’ll be the first person they turn to.

Most companies don’t know what content to produce, or they produce content that they think their ideal buyer persona will like.

We take a different approach. Using tools like (<$100/month), you can identify topics/keywords that your ideal buyer persona is actually searching for.

Produce content on those topics/keywords.

For example, I can see that the topic/keyword “disaster recovery” has a monthly search volume in the U.S. of 5,200 searches. However, I also see that the “Keyword Difficulty” is rated a 58 on a score from 0-100, meaning this keyword would be difficult to rank for if I was trying to produce a blog post that would drive traffic organically.

Using, we can quickly filter through millions of topics/keywords related to our client’s business and identify topics/keywords that have large search volumes which are easy to rank for.

Using a tool like will guarantee that you never have to guess about the content your ideal buyer persona is interested in. Instead, you can use search data to know that they will enjoy the content you create.

Once we know the blog topic/keyword that the company wants to target, we first look at what content is already ranking for that specific topic/keyword. This can be accomplished by simply typing the topic/keyword into Google and looking at the results on the first page.

Then, we will get a sense of what kind of content is ranking and try to build off what’s already working. We’ll interview a client to extract any unique takes/information they have on the specific topic/keyword we are targeting. We will then hire a writer to review the home page of Google and our client’s interview to build a new blog post that is more detailed than any other article but hits all the same talking points that Google knows web visitors care about.

Bonus: If you want to drive organic traffic to your website, which has a TON of benefits beyond getting you new opportunities, you can use paired with a tool called Surfer SEO (<$100/month) to know for certain if you produce a piece of content, it will drive organic traffic to your website.

As an example, if you want to write a blog post on Disaster Recovery, you can outsource that topic to a writer on,, or about a dozen other websites where blog writers congregate.

However, over 90% of the traffic for a specific topic/keyword goes to the first ten links on page one of Google. That means, if you write a great blog that makes it to page two of Google, you might as well have saved your money paying a content writer because that does you no good.

The Surfer SEO algorithms tell you exactly what you need to do to rank for a specific keyword. Surfer SEO’s recommendations include related keywords to include, keyword frequency, word count, heading count, paragraph count, image count, and more (see image below).

If you meet Surfer SEO’s content requirements for a specific topic/keyword, assuming the keyword is not too difficult to rank for, you can drive a significant amount of traffic to your website by producing content.

Now, my mentor and I would frequently produce content for clients that didn’t make it to page one of Google because it was almost impossible given the competitiveness of the space. Instead, what we did with that content was to email it to the leads inside of our client’s CRM and marketing automation software.

Note: If you don’t have a CRM or marketing automation tool, I’d recommend ActiveCampaign or Hubspot. There are a million of these types of software, and they all do the same thing. If anyone ever tells you, “you have to get this CRM software,” it’s not true. All CRM and marketing automation software have the same core functionality.

Most businesses struggle to consistently produce content, which is understandable. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll spend a ton of effort/time producing content that doesn’t generate any meaningful results.

Use the tools I mentioned above to unload the bulk of the effort.

Every business needs to convert leads to opportunities

The sales funnel varies for every organization.

All I can say is to know your sales funnel and have consensus throughout your organization for when a contact should progress to a different stage in the sales funnel.

Eventually, you’ll have to ask for the sale, and having a clearly defined sales process will help you do so.

If you don’t have a clearly defined sales funnel or sales process, I’d recommend copying what your most successful competitors do.

Then you need metrics for each stage of the sales funnel to track activity in your process.

If you do this, you’ll be able to convert leads to opportunities effectively.

Every business needs to convert opportunities to paying customers

Similar to the sales funnel and sales process points I mentioned above, you’ll need to eventually convert an opportunity to a paying customer.

Have a process in place to submit proposals, follow-up on proposals, schedule kickoff calls, etc.

When possible, if they verbally agree to a deal on a demo/consultation with you, schedule the kickoff call with them before you hang up the phone and send them the contract immediately.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s not much that goes into generating millions of dollars of revenue for a company as a part of a $15,000/month engagement.

I’d highly recommend implementing these strategies into your business, and you’ll see positive results.

However, the reality is you probably don’t have the time to do this. And, like anything, you may stumble for the first few months as you refine your process.

As I mentioned before, my mentor and I are Swiss-Army knives at this process. We also perform what feels like a million other minor value-adds, such as website updates, blog posting, email design, and sales training.

I’ve split off from my mentor and now do this work on my own. My mentor sent me on my way to help other businesses using the same strategies he taught me.

Now, instead of spending $15,000/month, you can get my services at a fraction of that cost and get literally the exact same work that these companies received.

If you want to know more about this process, ask me more specific questions, or need help growing your business using this process, please contact me by submitting the form below.